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30 years of reliable and competent consulting and contracting services for ground, borehole and airborne geophysics with bases in Germany, Bulgaria, Mali, Namibia & South Africa.

About us

terratec geophysical services offers airborne / surface geophysical and borehole logging services internationally with focus on Europe and Africa.

terratec geophysical services was founded in 1989 and consists of 35 geophysicists and geologists who are fluent in a great variety of languages with offices in Germany, Mali, Namibia, Bulgaria as well as logistic bases in Austria and Finland.

terratec geophysical services has comprehensive working experience in different countries and climates from Greenland to South Africa. Staff and geophysical systems have been optimized and adapted to harsh conditions in remote areas.

terratec geophysical services GmbH & Co. KG
Schillerstr. 3
79423 Heitersheim

Phone: +49 7634 503190
Internet: www.terratec-geoservices.com

Products and services

Borehole geophysics in sub-vertical and horizontal holes

• Optical borehole scanner (OPTV, OBI)
• High resolution acoustic televiewer (BHTV, ABF)
• Spectral gamma
• Magnetic Susceptibility
• Miniprobe 18 mm diameter (temp., gamma, dev),
• Flowmeter
• Water sampling
• Fluid Temperature Conductivity
• Caliber
• Natural gamma ray
• Sonic (FWS, CBL)
• Borehole geometry
• Total magnetic field (Hx, Hy, Hz)
• Resistivity and IP
• Deviation Surveys (magnetic or gyroscopic)
• BHEM (DIGI Atlantis)

Ground geophysics:
• Induced Polarisation (gradient, dipole dipole)
• HIRIP (high Resolution deep looking IP)
• Geoelectrics
• Magnetics
• Electromagnetics (Slingram, TDEM)
• Gravity
• Radiometrics

Airborne geophysics (fixed wing, helicopter and drone based):
• Radiometrics
• Magnetics


Drone survey spectrometry

Borehole logging

News & Innovations

DESMEX II airborne electromagnetic methods for deep exploration
DESMEX aims at developing airborne electromagnetic (EM) methods for deep exploration of mineral deposits. We focus on the implementation of the semi-airborne EM technique. Our efforts comprise the development of novel magnetic field sensors, data processing techniques and modelling and inversion codes. Dedicated sites in Germany, Europe and worldwide are investigated in case studies to demonstrate the technologies.
DESMEX has commenced in 2015. Recently, the continuation project DESMEX II was launched. DESMEX II includes both manned helicopter and unmanned drone operations. We also aim at demonstration surveys at real-world cases to bring the technologies closer to application.


funded by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF
HIRIP – High Resolution Resistivity and Induced Polarisation is methodology combining classic Pole-Dipole and advanced multi-electrode measurements. - 10 times higher data density compared with Pole-Dipole resulting in better modelling of the data by using full wave data up to a depth of 500m.
This hybrid EM resistivity technique is effective in delineating targets ranging from super-conductive Ni sulphides to poorly conductive (100 - 1000 Ohm.m) sulphide or pregnant/target lithologies. Depths of penetration uo to 1500m .

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