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indurad is a radar sensor manufacturer and solution provider that caters to the mining and material handling industries.

About us

indurad is a technology company with over 10 years of experience in leading the innovations in the fields of automation and safety in mining. Our mission lies in implementing radar-based automation and productivity solutions to increase safety along with throughput capacity from mine to port to market. We equip the mining and bulk material handling industries with state-of-the-art radar-based sensor solutions, allowing our customers to work safely and efficiently. Our solutions are highly acclaimed on the market, including five of the ten largest commodity companies in the world among our customers. For example, we increase productivity and safety of such applications as railcar loaders, ship loaders, stackers / reclaimers, complex material handling systems and crushers. By combining the latest developments in signal processing, indurad sensors represent a unique technological solution in the world of industrial automation and safety.

indurad GmbH
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Products and services

indurad will present our range of radar-based automation solutions for the mining and material handling industries. Apart from standard indurad volumetric measurement solutions such as iBelt or iStockpile, we will present new solutions from pit to port that support the entire production chain in mining operations.

Our focus therein will be put on our iShiploader, Reclaimer and iCrusher solutions that have all successfully proven to significantly boost performance in known bottlenecks in the production chain of mines in the Americas. Information on local installations and performance of those systems in North America will be available upon request.
iReclaimer Safety, Productivity Boost and full 3D Scan Soluton in one Single System

iReclaimer assists operators on the machine with complementary sensory data. The Cutting Assistance features support operators in day-to-day reclaiming processes and are the basis for a full automation of the machine. For machine remote control the radar sensors are the trustable 24/7-all-condition-eyes. indurad has already commissioned several fully automatic stockpile management and machine solutions in customer reference sites in the Americas and elsewhere.

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iCrusher: Level control and De-blockage Solution for all types of Crushers

iCrusher is the truly reliable blockage detection and filling level control solution for any type of industrial crusher. This technology has proven to boost the performance of any brand and model of crusher and comes with the following standard automation functions: Blockage Control, Level Control, Oversize Detection, Orepass Monitoring, Rockhammer Automation

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iShiploader Collision Avoidance, Remote Control and Automation Solution for Shiploaders/unloaders

iShiploader is a unique bundle of radar-based automation functions and collision avoidance technology for shiploaders and unloaders. As radar is the standard technology in maritime navigation it is also the logical choice for collision avoidance, positioning and remote control operation. iShiploader offers docking and berthing assistance, loading assistance, chute remote control and diverse anti-collision applications up to full process automation for any type and brand of shiploader.

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News & Innovations

iRTT (indurad RadioTransponderTag)
iRTT™ (indurad RadioTransponderTag) is a versatile set of transponder tags and devices plus processing and supporting hardware that can be used for anti-collision, asset management, person tracking and container yard space optimization. Its strength lies in its flexible and scalable layout: iRTT can be applied to any environment from one single underground mining machine with workers around to whole container yards with multiple overhead cranes, vehicles, tools and persons in one system. Further reading
iSDR-C (indurad ScanningDynamicRadar - compact)
The iSDR-compact is the new generation of the highly successful iSDR (indurad ScanningDynamicRadar) sensor with a more compact design and a market focus on cost-effective inventory control, surface profiling and anti-collision applications in narrow installation environments. In combination with the iRPD (indurad PrecisionRotaryDrive) mechanical drive unit, the iSDR-C can be turned around its own axis which creates a full 360° by 360° deg measurement area. This faculty allows the iSDR-C to monitor and measure material stockpiles or anti-collision zones from one single installation position, which reduces installation and cabling significantly. Further reading
iLDR-C (indurad LinearDynamicRadar - compact)
The iLDR-compact is the new generation of the highly successful iLDR (indurad LinearDynamicRadar) sensor with a more compact design for narrow installation environments. The iLDR-C was designed to replace the original iLDR as a single-point high focus sensor for various indurad process control functions such as belt misalignment control and similar near range applications. Just as the original iLDR, the iLDR-C combines robust design, usability in high dust concentrations or thick fumes and a highly competitive price. Further reading

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