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terratec geophysical services GmbH & Co. KG

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About us

terratec geophysical services offers surface geophysical and borehole logging services internationally with focus on Europe and Africa. The main objectives are the acquisition, compilation, processing, analysis and the interpretation of geophysical data.

terratec geophysical services executes these services for mineral exploration, groundwater/geothermal energy prospecting and geotechnical purposes.

terratec geophysical services was founded in 1989 and consists of 35 geophysicists and geologists who are fluent in a great variety of languages with offices in Germany, Mali, Namibia, Bulgaria as well as logistic bases in Austria, Sweden and Finland.

terratec geophysical services has comprehensive working experience in different countries and climates from Greenland to South Africa. Staff and geophysical systems have been optimized and adapted to harsh conditions in remote areas.

Products and services

terratec geophysical services offers the following borehole geophysical measurements (max depth 2000m)

  • Optical borehole scanner (OPTV, OBI)

  • High resolution acoustic televiewer (BHTV, ABF)

  • Spectral gamma

  • Magnetic Susceptibility

  • Miniprobe 18 mm diameter (temp., nat. gamma, deviation),

  • Flowmeter

  • Water sampling, Fluid Temperature Conductivity

  • Caliber (3 and 4 Arm)

  • Sonic (FWS, CBL)

  • Borehole geometry

  • Total magnetic field (Hx, Hy, Hz)

  • Resistivity and IP

  • Deviation Surveys (magnetic and gyroscopic)

  • BHEM

  • BHIP

    Surface Geophysics:

  • Induced Polarization

  • HIRIP (high Resolution deep looking IP)


  • Magnetics

  • Electromagnetics (FDEM, TDEM)

  • Gravity

  • Radiometrics

    Airborne Geophysics:

  • drone magnetics and radiometrics

  • helicopter magnetics and radiometrics
Geophysical borehole logging Mauritania

Geophysical borehole logging Mauritania

borehole logging for an iron ore exploration project in Mauritania borehole depth 600m including north seeking gyro surveys

Geophysical borehole logging Sweden

Geophysical borehole logging Sweden

borehole EM survey using the DIGI Atlantis tool in 400m deep boreholes, outside temperature -25°C




terratec geophysical services GmbH & Co. KG
Schillerstr. 3
79423 Heitersheim

Phone: +49 7634 503190

Klaus, Brauch
managing director
Phone: +49 7634 513190

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